When prospective patients ask me “what kind of people do you work with?” I respond “anyone who falls in love, anyone who falls out of love, anyone who has relationships — at work, with family and friends.” Relationships of all kinds seem to me the basis of human contentment and discontent, and that includes the person’s relationship with him- or herself.

I am particularly curious about and interested in how we couple-up. Marriage is clearly not for everyone, if we look at divorce numbers. And yet, that it is the only way to truly express love and commitment is still the societally and socially acceptable way to be a couple. Witness the widowed 80-year–old unmarried couple with grandchildren who are asked, often with a wink “when are you two going to make it legal.” Silly isn’t it?

And while I am pro-marriage as it is how our society understands being together, for those of you who suffer and question “but do I have to be married or will I end up old and lonely,” the answer is unequivocally no! There are ways for you to have a satisfying, contented life even while searching for love. Or choosing to be alone which is absolutely not the same as being lonely!

You can have a more balanced and satisfying life. Strife- and worry-free all the time? No but certainly more free when you find what works best for you most of the time. This is balance and satisfaction.

Below are highlights of how I can help. Please continue through my website to read a bit about me and the other things I do in my practice, which can be of help to you.

  • I work with anyone 18 years or older about school, work, family, relationships and career.
  • How to resolve disputes without always being angry and feeling not heard and defeated.
  • Addiction and what to do about it and its impact on your whole life.
  • How to get along better with yourself and maybe even figure out why “things don’t seem to work out for me?”