About Lynette

What I believe
By the time many people come to therapy they have tried lots of different things to change what is creating discomfort and pain. And yet—life is still out of balance. Without change we intellectually understand but repeat the same self-defeating behaviors over and over with very little sense of well-being and satisfaction. “Happy” can be wonderful but fleeting, contentment can be long lasting even when life sends you trouble.

What I know
Many years of experience have taught me that the combination of psychological insight and behavioral
change is necessary to make a difference in the two most significant areas of life: relationships and work. It would be great if it were really true that: “I can say anything to my (fill in the blank).” Friends and family may give support and advice but a trained, neutral therapist can say things to you which are hard or even impossible to hear from others.

How I can help
We make decisions with unsatisfying outcomes because we don’t listen to ourselves. I have heard many people say “I knew that I was making the wrong choice for me but I went ahead cause it was the ‘thing to do.’ I felt pressure from others and isn’t this what I’m supposed to do?” Most of us want approval and support for our decisions but they really need to be our decisions. In order to get through life with any sort of harmony we must negotiate and compromise but not in a way which ends up making us feel broken and inauthentic. No one wants to think of her/himself as a human “knockoff.” I will help you with not only understanding your own insights but will add some of mine based on knowing you and what my training tells me about you. We will add skills and tools for you to use when you find yourself doing the same self-defeating things.

I understand people holistically: how environmental, societal, spiritual, physical, genetic, cultural, sexual, gender, racial and religious beliefs influence us and collaboratively help you factor these things in to deciding what is right for you. You can make permanent and satisfying changes when necessary and keep what works—an all-around good way of being in your life. It is your life after all.

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